F.A.T. Friday: A Salad Revelation/Revolution

     I am recently returned home from a family trip to Wichita, Kansas, for a fun-filled day at the Sedgwick Zoo. (More on that later.) It was just an overnight trip but for basically two days, I ate nothing but crap, hot dogs, nachos, chicken wings, soda, biscuits and gravy and sausage, ice cream and M&Ms. Get the idea? And I thought it was great! Tasty. A splurge that I deserved.

     This "treat" didn't bother me too much at the time, although looking back I can see some signs that something wasn't quite right. The most apparent sign was an empty feeling that I couldn't seem to sate. Then there was the fact that the food just wasn't... as good... as I thought it should be. But it was when my hands and feet started swelling that I knew there was a problem.

     I was dehydrated and in sore need of a fresh fruit or vegetable. So upon returning to a regular meal schedule I made a discovery that rocked my proverbial diet world. I was craving... A SALAD. I was desperate for one. Breakfast for me on this day was a piece of bacon wrapped in a warm tortilla with a cup of sauteed green peppers and onions and a few blistered (under the broiler) cherry tomatoes. Lunch, a chicken salad with apples and blue cheese and for dinner, a Taco Salad.
     After drinking about a gallon of water I noticed that I was feeling better. The slight headache, that I didn't realize that I had, was gone and I could remove my wedding ring again. I was beginning to feel human again. But it makes me wonder, before I began this weight loss journey, I used to eat like I did during my "splurge" and it never used to effect me. Or did it?
     This "Salad Revelation" was a big deal to me. I never thought that I liked veggies, which is why I often thought I would never lose weight. Just the idea of having to eat foods that I didn't like for the rest of my life, was enough to derail any program I was on. Maybe it's silly but I feel like a couple of days of over-indulgence have paved the way to a lifetime of eating better.

Long live the salad!

Peace Out!
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