The #ColemanCamping Trip

     So we survived the Coleman Campout! And other than Myriam puking all over the truck on the way home from the campout, everything went exactly as planned. We arrived, we made camp, we swam, lounged and relaxed. It was AWESOME! 

     The children learned that they can live without television. They didn't even ask about it once. That was probably because they were too busy running around shooting each other with stick "guns" and catching creepy, crawly things.

Watch out Ang! They've gone "native"!
My brood plus "best friend" Oscar--winner, Angie Mendez's son.

     I learned that you can cook gourmet over a camp stove. Although I'll be honest, burgers and brats are good enough for the Mommy Household. (Dinner was steak and trout; it was totally AMAZING, though!) I was super thankful I chose Kate Dixon as one of the winners because she and her brother are practically chefs in their own right and they made dinner for their group, the Mendez clan and the Mommy Household.

Clockwise from top: The Chef that showed us how to prepare gourmet cuisine--OVER a campfire! Grilled squash. A fully loaded cooler full of quinoa, sweet potatoes, bacon and asparagus. Grilled asparagus. YUM!

     The Hubby and I learned that you can live without air conditioning, (Although I'm still unclear why you would ever want to.) but thank you Coleman for the wonderful tent fan! It was still over 90 degrees after 10:00 on Saturday night. Whew! The Mommy was puddling.

     We also learned that time spent with those you love regardless of how hot, stinky and sweaty you are is the best!

Peace Out!
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