The #ColemanCamping #Giveaway Winners

     I know ya'll have been waiting for this announcement for far too long. Rules and regs aside, I had a rough week so I'm just getting around to posting this. Please help me congratulate the winners of the AWESOME Coleman Camping giveaway valued at $2500 each! (That's $10,000 for those of you keeping track at home. Really cool, right?)
     In the spirit of full disclosure I want you to know that there were VERY few entries that I didn't know personally (either online or in real life) so it was very difficult to chose winners because I really wanted to pick every single one of you. Except for that weirdo that just kept answering every question CORNDOG! You, I really didn't want to go camping with.... So I called in my staff  to help make the decision. And I'll go ahead and answer the questions about my staff in advance.
  • YES, I have staff!
  • No, that's not code for my children although I was really considering having them just chose a number and go with that. But then I don't know what number eleventeen really is....
  • No, it's not a paid position. Unless you count my undying love and gratitude and constant haranguing pay.
  • Yes, I am currently accepting applications for future staff positions. Just send me an email, listing your qualifications. A sense of humor and the ability to deal with my inane hours and unreasonable expectations is necessary.
So without further ado, let's get to the winners!

Angie Mendez is an Occupational Therapist for a public school district in eastern Kansas. She works with all kinds of special needs kiddos and does all sorts of... occupational therapy type stuff.... Yeah I really don't know what she does. But YAY for working with special needs kiddos! She is mother of two and wife to one. It would have been a lot funnier if I'd switched that sentence around, huh? She wrapped this whole contest up when she mentioned that her husband had NEVER. BEEN. CAMPING.

Kate Dixon is a rockin' single mom to an awesome son. She's an artist/crafter/uber-creative-free-spirit-who-is-WAY-cooler-than-anyone-you-actually-know-in-real-life. My words, not hers. Cause she's also way sweet and not the type to tell you how awesome she is; she'd much rather tell you how awesome her son is which is why she snagged a spot to this camp out.

Suzanne Heffner is Family and Marriage Therapist. I thought since many of the people on this trip have ZERO camping experience it might be helpful to have a licensed marriage therapist on hand. Yeah... that really isn't one of my jokes. Suzanne is originally from my hometown and I knew her older brother--just that fact alone should earn her a spot. That was a joke. Kinda. She was in as soon as she told us that she needed help learning to camp with children! (I'm interested in that info too Suzanne!)

Louise DeLaney is a wife, mother of two and a doula. (Pronounced doo-la) She assists women and families before, during and after the birth of a baby. She assures me that it is a beautiful process and nothing at all like that that scene from Alien. Louise had this contest in the bag when she admitted to being a novice camper (and said she really wanted to spend time with me) but that they had a son who was a rock star Cub Scout! (Yeah, it was mostly the whole wanting to spend time with me thing....)

There ya go folks! Our winners.... Yeah, my apologies to everyone that didn't win. Just know that if Coleman ever lets me do this again I'll pick you next time. PROMISE!*

And for those of you that did win please remember to bring ear plugs, the Hubby says I snore and I apologize up front for anything my demon children do. I never claimed to be a GOOD parent.

Peace Out!
*I promise nothing. The fact is, I doubt any company EVER lets me do something this cool again. I mean, we all know it was a total fluke this time. Shh! Don't tell Coleman that. Pin It
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