Writer's Workshop: Wanted Dead or Alive

 4.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to?

     I have a serious problem. I am a wanted woman with a price on her head. I hang out in dark places, laying in wait for the inevitable; the day I happen to run into the local librarian in the grocery store or post office. In a town of 4300 it's just a matter of time, really.

     There are two very good reasons why I can't return to my local library. The first is that my son Logan chewed up a book. Now it's not completely his fault, I'm pretty sure he got the idea from the dog (who chewed up another book). In their defense it was a really juicy read, hopefully it made for a really juicy snack. So if you add those two books along with the stack of overdo books I've had checked out for roughly six three months, I have right around five BILLION dollars in fines! At this point I refuse to the take the books back because I'm afraid they won't accept the house or children as collateral. What if they take something I really need? Like my laptop?
     I have the best of intentions. Really, I do. The books have been sitting on my bench by the front door for several months weeks in preparation to be returned, but every time we head out the door I'm so concerned with making sure the children are present dressed and ready to go, that the overdo books completely slip my mind. That and I really don't want to walk the walk of shame and face the fine.
    So I'm doing what any reasonable person would do. I'm shopping around for a new library, folks! Anyone have a library that they love? I'm looking for one that isn't too picky. And preferably one that has a "none too bright" librarian because this isn't the first time my family and I have had to go library shopping. I've also been banned from renting at Blockbuster, I learned that Netflix doesn't mean it when they say that "there are NO late fees" and I'm on my third email address and name with Redbox.

Peace Out!
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