No I'm Not a Kid. Just Give Me the Damn Meal....

     I am on a weight loss journey, for those of you just joining us. And thus far I have lost over 30 lbs. I'm starting to feel better about myself and how I look--thirty pounds for me is only one dress size but it's amazing what one dress size can do for your self esteem. (If I can ever manage to shed another it will open up an entire wardrobe for me!) I've been very open with ya'll about how I've been losing the pounds but I never thought that I would have to explain it to the chick taking my order at Culver's.

     I was flying solo with the boys today, no Nana nor Hubby and I had a ton of grocery shopping to get done so I decided to treat us to lunch. Culver's, for those of you that don't know, is one of our favorite burger/custard joints at least it was until this and it's located right next to the first stop on my grocery list so I thought why not?
     Like I said earlier, I'm on a weight loss journey; portion control is a HUGE part of that journey, so sometimes I order off the kid's menu. I still want to eat the foods I like but keep myself in check, so a child's portion is perfect. I have ordered the kid's meal at Culver's many times so I didn't think anything of it--I ordered three kid's meals.
Yeah.... You're all smiles until
the fat girl orders ice cream.

Tangent: Now I should probably tell you that I spent over FIFTEEN years of my life in the food service industry, if you are going to be stupid, rude or hateful, you don't want me as a customer. I speak the lingo, I understand the business, the health department regulations; I'm still Serve Safe certified, and I'm not afraid to bring my concerns to management if necessary. The Hubby HATES all of this and because of that, we don't dine out very often. Food safety knowledge is a horrible thing; it's only been in the last year that I would even attempt to eat at a buffet without expecting extreme intestinal distress. (You really don't want to know how easy it is to screw a buffet up and make people severely ill. *shudder*)
Back to our story....

     As I'm ordering I watch what my order-taker is ringing in and I notice that she plugs in a cheeseburger basket instead of a kid's meal. I seriously thought about not saying anything--I mean what's twenty cents? But then I decided that the money wasn't why I ordered the kid's meal.  I ordered it because I didn't want the larger order of fries. I'm trying to control portions here! So I correct her and she tells me that the kid's meals are for kids, with kid size portions. *mental sigh* I tell her that I'm aware and that I want the smaller portion. "I'm on a diet," I tell her, smiling sweetly. She sighs and rolls her eyes at me but changes the order, hands me my drink cups and my number and sends me on my way.
     When my food is delivered to me I notice that the "ice cream" ticket on my meal's bag is missing. I finish my meal and peel the ice cream token off the boys' bags, my bag in hand and head up to the counter. Miss I-Control-Your-Order is waiting for me.
"Hi," I say with strained sweetness, "It seems that this bag is was missing the ice cream token."
And she says, "Yes. Well, I thought since you were on a diet you wouldn't want the ice cream."
"Thank you for your concern, but I paid for it and I would like the token, please," said with forced politeness.
"Well, are you really going to eat it," she asks, incredulously.
"Not really any of your concern is it, dear," said through clenched teeth.
     After a couple more tense moments I ask for a manager and explain the situation to him. I was offered an apology (and the token). My children were given ice cream (I declined my ice cream), but my dining experience was effectively ruined.
     Someone please explain the problem to me? There are no restrictions on the kid's menu, explaining that the meals are for a certain age, in fact I wasn't the only adult eating a kid's meal in the restaurant. Did the other lady forfeit her ice cream token in order to enjoy a kid's meal in peace?

 Peace Out!

*I will say that although the other lady enjoying her kid's meal was thin, I don't think this was a weight discrimination thing. I think it was a stupid, bitchy, order-taker thing. Pin It
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