Mattress Shopping and the Future of My Sex Life

So the Hubby and I are shopping around for a new mattress. We have very different needs when it comes to mattresses. I am a side sleeper who prefers a firm mattress, the Hubby on the other hand is a recovering stomach sleeper (He has sleep apnea and you can't wear a CPAP while sleeping on your stomach.) that prefers a soft mattress. I would also like something didn't heat up as much because sleeping with the Hubby is akin to sleeping with a space heater.

After considerable research and more than a little lounging around and some mild jumping and/or flopping, I think we've decided that we need to buy one of those memory foam mattress. But just yesterday I read a couple of reviews on the Tempur-Pedic boards that has me more than a little concerned.

Apparently, although Tempu-Pedic mattresses are one of the highest selling mattresses on the planet right now, doing the nasty on one is akin to "trying to do it in quicksand".* Quicksand has never been one of my fantasies, water yes, quicksand... not so much. Although I wonder if quicksand is as unpleasant as regular sand. All those sex scenes on beaches that you see on TV and in the movies are really misleading. 'Cause you know how hard it is to get sand off your skin? Try getting it off... other... more sensitive areas. Yeah.... The boards said that unless you like getting buried alive maybe you should choose another mattress.

It seems that there was one very big factor that I hadn't considered in my research: SEX!

So what do I do now? I have a real quandary on my hands here, folks! We need a new mattress but am I willing to risk my sex life by buying one? Do I pick the mattress that I will probably get the best sleep on (Knowing how important sleep is to a mom of three hyperactive demons children.) or the one that I will have the best "O" on (Knowing how important sex is to... well, everyone!)? Decisions, decisions....

Peace Out!
*That was a direct quote from one of the reviewers. Pin It
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