What Does #Twitter Know that I Don't?

     I love Twitter and I hate it. At the same precise moment. Frankly, I have a love/hate relationship with all social media. I want SO much to be the a SEO queen and master of all things social networking but obviously I'm not or my Alexia number would be much lower, my Klout much higher and I would understand what the hell Kred is. So here I sit wondering what the hell Twitter was thinking....

Who the hell is this guy, anyway?
     If you are on Twitter, then you know there is a section where Twitter "suggests" other people and businesses for you to follow. I look at that section pretty frequently. (Mostly, because I find it really interesting who Twitter thinks I should be following.) Most I get. Anyone with #autism in their profile is going to be suggested. Got it. But for whatever reason, Twitter really thinks that I need to follow @RyanSeacrest. What did @RyanSeacrest ever do for me? Right at this moment, I can't even think of where I know @RyanSeacrest from. Maybe if I followed him I would know who he is.
     Twitter also suggests other mommy bloggers for me to follow, which would be understandable if it bothered to discern that I'm not a #fashion, #DIY, or #couponing blogger. I don't even read those blogs (sorry if you are one of those kinds of bloggers). I even understand why Twitter thinks I should follow @WilliamShatner. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan! And I do a mean impression of William Shatner. Really...I do. Seewhat... I... mean. Although now that I'm thinking about it, it IS really scary that Twitter knows that about me. Have I even mentioned that fact to anyone before?    
     Now and then it throws me a wicked curve and suggests something like @kirstiealley. Is that Twitter's way of calling me fat? (I admit that I don't know if she's still fat or fat again.) I do admit I often over-think these things. I also admit that I believe that the "magic" internet algorithm that offers up it's suggestions for my perusal is in fact, making judgements about me and my life and like everyone else, finds me lacking.... Yeah... that might be going a little overboard. But I do....

     So what does that mean for @RyanSeacrest?
     Is this some amusing Twitter joke that I don't understand? (Probably)
     AND who the hell is @RyanSeacrest anyway?

Peace Out!
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