My GPS Hates Me....

     One of the things that I've become increasingly thankful for and dependant upon is our GPS. Now we're not all "fancy" so our unit is portable (meaning it isn't a standard feature in our vehicles). We actually got our unit because we decided to take up geocaching--which is super fun and really easy to get into. (And I just happened to do a highly informative entertaining viewed geocaching post if you want more information.) But the problem with having a pushy robot GPS forcing their will telling you how to get where you're wanting to go, is that you feel bullied obliged to do what they say.

Anyone else think "the voice" is just a little too uppity for their own good?

Or is that just me? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

     The Hubby and I are what I like to call... erratic free spirits when it comes to driving. And we always sometimes like to take the road less traveled and get thoroughly lost in the process, requiring the GPS (who told us not to go down that minimum maintenance road) to rescue us from our own misdoings and guide us back to civilization. But does she have to be so damn bitchy smug in the process?

     I am relatively certain that one of these days the bitch GPS is going to get frustrated with me and either tell me off or take me somewhere I don't want to be (like Troost at 2 AM) and then leave me for dead conveniently "lose" satellite signal. Recalculating, my ass!
     So when you hear on the news that a wildly popular blogger small town hick was found drowned in the Missouri river because she drove her car off a "closed" bridge, you'll know it wasn't a suicide. My GPS set me up....

Peace Out!
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