How to Mail an Easter Egg

     I decided to do something special for my nieces for Easter this year.* I mailed them over-sized Easter eggs! We know that all kids LOVE getting mail and in this age of email, Twitter and text messaging, actually getting something via snail mail is more exciting than ever. (I sometimes send cards to my kiddos just so I can see how excited they get.)

  • Gather your supplies. (I found these over-sized Easter eggs at Wal-Mart for $1. They originally contained Pop Rocks but I took those out so I could fill the eggs with the candy of my choosing.)
This gives you an idea of the size. They are about double (or triple) the size of normal plastic eggs.
  • I had the kids draw pictures for their cousins because I also thought that the kids aught to get involved too.
  • Fill the eggs with candy, (the pictures) stickers and small toys.
  • Tape the eggs shut (Use packing tape and go all the way around the egg to seal it shut!) and and apply a mailing label.
It's out of focus on purpose. I didn't want ya'll mailing my sister-in-law. She already thinks I'm crazy for putting my life out here for the world to see. LOL!

  • Enjoy the look on the postal employees' faces when you ask them mail an Easter egg.
I think my nieces will like their little surprises. Don't you? And I only have about $15 wrapped up in the eggs, candy and postage. You can't beat cheap and easy!

Peace Out!

*I want you to know, that I didn't think this up on my own. But I can't remember where I saw it. (Sorry!) I THINK I saw it on Tip Junkie but when I went looking for it I couldn't find the link. So someone out there is a lot more creative than I am, but that should come as no surprise to any of you. Pin It
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