Birthday Preparations

     Myriam's birthday party is this weekend. Yes her birthday was last week but with Easter the weekend after and a cousin's birthday the weekend before, we had to schedule the "official" party ten days later. Not optimum but I don't really think she care as long as she gets the party she wants.
     Myriam has very rigid set ideas of what her party will entail. She's been planning this for over a month. I don't know about other almost 6 year old girls, but do they spend hours obsessively telling their Mommies exactly what they want their decorations to look like and what kind of cake they want and who is invited to the party AND what they are going to wear to the party?!?!?

     So I am spending the bulk of this week working on giving her the party that she requires deserves. Wish me luck... I'm kinda afraid what will happen if she doesn't get the party she's envisioning.

The requirements recommendations for Myriam's birthday party
  • A mermaid Lalaloopsy birthday cake. (Nothing like starting with the impossible.)
  • Flowers. Flowers everywhere.
  • Balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.
  • Party hats. Preferably crowns.
  • Presents, not just for her but for her guests too!
  • Family and friends to share in the fun.
  • And she may have mentioned she wanted 100 kittens.
     There it is folks, the birthday wishes of one very particular little girl. I know that the rigidity is the autism. I know the compulsive pestering of Mommy is the autism.  I know that she does these things in order to establish a routine. Autistic children are fans of consistency so in order for Myriam to process a party she needs to know exactly what is in store. And more than anything else, my job is to provide her with a party environment that she can process. So we will fill the house with flowers, balloons and guests. We will find a baker to make her a Lala cake that she won't eat. I will make crowns that she might wear, and as far as the kitten thing goes well....*

     Keep me in your prayers. I have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. (I should have been planning this for the past month. *grumble, grumble*)

Peace Out!
*FYI--NOT HAPPENING! It's already a zoo 'round here.
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