Writer's Workshop: The Dress and My Real Weight

My wedding dress has been wadded up in a bag, in the back of my closet, since I took it off eight years ago. I found it and took it out of the bag a couple of weeks ago.

 1.) Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.

     I'm not going to tell you how beautiful my wedding dress was and how it made me feel like a princess, because the fact of the matter is that the dress I wore to my wedding wasn't my dream dress. In fact, I didn't like it very much and I have no emotional investments in that dress. It cost about $100 and it was simply a white dress, which is probably why it ended up, wadded up into a ball, shoved into a bag and placed in the corner of my closet after the wedding reception. I have no illusions that Myriam will ever wear my wedding dress--I mean did any of you wear your mother's dress? Didn't think so. So there's really no reason to have it "preserved". So up until two weeks ago I hadn't given it a second thought.
     Two weeks ago I reached my first weight loss goal of 10%. I have lost 10% of my body weight (or over 30 lbs)! And as I was standing in front of my closet wondering if I would be able to wear those super cute capris* from five years ago, this summer, I noticed the bag.

     I opened the bag and realised immediately what was inside. I pulled the wrinkled, dusty, and stained dress out of the bag and gently followed with my finger, the embroidery along the bust and bodice of my dress--touching each rhinestone individually. I held it against my body and looked in the mirror.

     There's no way it'll fit, I thought to myself. I was so much thinner then, right? But 30 lbs is a lot of weight, even if you have 100 + still to lose. So I tried it on... and it still doesn't fit but not by much. I have about an inch to lose before the zipper will go all the way up. (I know good and well if I had a pair of Spanx I'd be in that dress. Not breathing but in it to be sure!)
     Eight years ago I wore that dress and I would be willing to bet that by the end of next month I will wear it again. I've found a new goal for myself. And it comes in the form of a dress that I didn't think I cared all that much about.**

Current Weigh:  277.6 lbs.             Weight Loss:  31.6 lbs. 

Peace Out!
  * And just in case you were wondering, the capris fit!
** Oh! And check out what I looked like in that wedding dress!

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