Welcome Spring!

     Yesterday was the first day of Spring and even though it was cold, rainy and just about the closest thing to winter we've seen here in Podunk I decided to brave the elements (Ok I admit that I was standing on my front stoop, so it wasn't exactly braving the elements.) and attempt a feat that is only possible one day a year--balancing an egg on its end. Yeah, I'm a wild woman. Just watch the video!


     The egg's ability to stay standing is supposed to end with the passing of the equinox. Tradition also states that you can substitute a broom for the egg and strangely enough, I keep a broom on my stoop and when I went to move the broom out of the way it stood on end! Unfortunately, as I ran to get the camera my children knocked it over.

So do you do anything to mark the changing of the season?
Peace Out!
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