Cooking with Kids--Spider Hot Dogs

     I'm not super creative when it comes to feeding the children lunch. It's mostly because... well, I'm feeding children! I don't know about you but I've got one kid (Logan) that lives only on peanut butter, Myriam who has an unnatural facination with PopTarts and then there's Porter.... If the meal in question is in any way outside his comfort zone, he won't even eat anything that came into contact with it! I think that's pretty par for the parenting course. So when my friend Ginger (Yes, from Not Just Another Mom of Twins.) mentioned that she was feeding her kiddos Spider Hot Dogs* I had to get the skinny!

It's a pretty easy process.

 Start with the hot dogs of your choice. Ours are chicken.
(Shh... don't tell my kids.)

You then cut the ends into quarters; leaving about an inch in the center uncut.

Next cook them! I boiled them and Ginger said she baked her's in the oven but traditionally they are cooked over a flame. Anyway you do it, they curl up and resemble a spider/ball/thingie.

As you can see by Porter's reaction, Spider Hot Dogs were a sucess!


Peace Out!

*I'm aware that I might just be the ONLY parent that has never heard of Spider Hot Dogs BUT on the off chance that I wasn't, I wanted to share it with you. Thanks for the heads up Ging!
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