Writer's Workshop: A Sister

5.) Share a story about a sibling.

     I have a sibling--a younger brother (Unka Joe) and he's great. He's funny and smart and single and my kids think he walks on water. Did I mention that he's smokin' hot and single? (This blog post isn't about him.) But I've always wanted a sister. Someone to share clothes with and to do hair and talk about boys. But things don't always work out the way you think they should. I do have a sister-in-law (the Hubby's sister) but our relationship isn't like that because we aren't 12 and that's ok. And unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the baby factory is closed for my mom so I'm going to have to look past "blood" for my sister fix.

     I never really had a lot of "girl" friends in high school. The back-stabbing and catty bullshit always confused me. And because I didn't realize that for the most part that dies off after high school, it was many, many years (read a decade) before I found a group of women that I was willing to take a chance on. (I owe those women a huge debt of gratitude for showing me how important relationships between women can be.) Recently I realized that I'd been looking for a sister for so long that I didn't even know that's what I was looking for.
     That's where blogging comes into play. My mind was opened to this whole other place where women are kind, caring and supportive of each other (even if we have completely different views). It was there that a real friendship began. Ginger is the author of (Not) Just Another Mom of Twins and we have TONS in common. Our birthday is only one day off, we were married the same year and we both have twins to name a few. But the similarities seem to go much deeper than that, but if I were to list them off they wouldn't be as remarkable. Suffice it say that we share a brain!
     We talked for the first time over the weekend. And we laughed. We laughed until we cried. I told her things that you only share with a sister. And it was easy. There was no need to hold her at arms length even though she is little more than a stranger. I felt like I could be myself with her. I wasn't trying to impress her with my social connections, my number of friends or my volunteer work. I didn't need to explain the things I said or my views because I knew instantly that she wasn't judging me. She has my back. I don't even remember most of the conversation but what I do remember is that I found a person that respects and likes me for the person I am; a good wife, mother, daughter and friend.
     I found the sister I've always been looking for. And although it saddens me that she's already married because if she wasn't she could marry my brother and then we'd be sisters for real! that she lives in Canada, I can push past that. Because we share what's really important, we genuinely like each other! My girlfriends often talk about how we are each other's CHOSEN family and I really understand that sentiment now.

So Ginger,
I'm never going to have a flesh and blood sister. And even if my brother marries, there's no guarantee that she' not going to be a psychotic bitch. (In fact, chances are really good that she will be. I've seen some of the girls he's dated....) And even though you live in Canada and don't ever say "Eh" while speaking on the phone and we will probably only see each other once in a great while, which is probably for the best because I'm better when I have time to rehearse my shtick, I've decided that you are my chosen sister!

And now the fine print: If you consent to be my "sister" you are agreeing to the following terms: I'm sure this goes without saying, but you are aware that I will blog about you occasionally but that I'll always name you so that there won't be any confusion as to whom I'm referring. And I want you to know that if you EVER have any questions about what I'm blogging about you can always call, tweet, Facebook, or email me and I will be happy to clarify.
Welcome to the family, Ging! I'm sorry we're so crazy. You'll get used to it.... No you won't.

Peace out!

And as always (on Thursdays) this post was inspired by Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.
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