Kale Chips and My Real Weight

     I've been pretty proud of myself with the whole weight loss thing. I've lost OVER 5% of my body weight! I think that's pretty awesome. (I've lost 19 lbs. but it sounds WAY more impressive to me when I say 5%.) And I've gotten a couple of emails asking me how I was doing it. Everyone knows I'm doing the Weight Watchers thang, but they wanted specifics, what I'm eating and such. So I decided that I would share.

     First off, you need to know that even when I'm not "dieting" I get obsessed with food and eat the same thing over and over for long periods of time. For example, since I began the program I have eaten two eggs (either hard-boiled or poached) and a piece of buttered toast for breakfast. I've been on Weight Watchers for six or seven weeks now. Am I tired of my eggs and toast? Nope! Love 'em! Look forward to them every morning. For the past four weeks I've eaten something that resembles chicken fajitas for lunch and it's still yummy to me. Dinner is the only thing I switch up and that's mostly because, although the Hubby will eat just about anything you put in front of him, if it were the same thing for seven weeks he would start complaining pretty quick! So as long as you understand that you'll be cool with the rest of this post.
    My newest obsession came about two weekends ago. I went to one of my girlfriends' houses for a spa evening, movie night, gab fest. Everyone is on a diet so the fare was a little on the green side. Meaning it was all veggies. A couple of the girls are on really restrictive diets so the only thing they can eat right now is veggies and lean protein. Well, one of the offerings was Kale Chips. Now I've seen and heard of these and frankly, I assumed that I would HATE them. But I tried them and maybe it's because I haven't had a potato chip since I began this journey they were AWESOME! (I can have potato chips or anything else I want with Weight Watchers it just isn't really something that I'm all that interested in blowing my points on.) They were salty and crispy and packed with dark, leafy green goodness! They're also super easy to make.

Disclaimer: I ran right home after my spa evening and bought a couple heads of kale and I was just certain that the Hubby would love these. Well... he doesn't. He says they're bitter and I don't know maybe they are. Myriam and I LOOOOOOOVE them.

Kale Chips

Head of Kale, stocks removed and the leafy part torn into bite-size pieces
Mrs. Dash Seasoning (flavor of choice)

Pre-heat oven to 350. Remove stalks from kale leaves leaving the "leafy" portions in bite size pieces. Working in batches, arrange kale on a non-stick cookie sheet in a single layer. Spray the the kale with the Pam (enough to get the Mrs. Dash to adhere to the kale). Season liberally with Mrs. Dash. Bake for 10-12 minutes until crispy but not overly browned.

Serving size: 1 C.    Points: 1

*Really watch your first batch until you know how long it takes a batch to bake. They burn quickly! 

**I hope you will give them a try. Don't be afraid to change up the seasoning. I put wasabi powder on one batch and served it as a side with my teriyaki salmon BLTS. Yummy! The Hubby ate those and said they weren't AS bitter but he still doesn't like them.

Weight:   290.2 lbs.  
(Have I mentioned that I've dropped a dress size already? And that I'm getting close to dropping another?)

Peace Out!
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***Thanks Cher for the recipe!
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