WW: What's in a name?

     I spent a great deal of my Christmas shopping looking for a particular present that I never found. For months I searched. I even had the in-laws searching for me too. You see Porter wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid but he wanted a BOY. And come to find out, it is nearly impossible to find a male Cabbage Patch Kid in stores anywhere near Podunk, Kansas but Porter desperately wanted one. (Logan has a boy Cabbage Patch, I'm sure you remember, named Frank. Which why Porter needed one too!) Luckily facebook came to our rescue! One little post on facebook and I had my choice of three within an hour of posting.
Meet a very excited Porter and his
little buddy... um... Porter.
The best part of this whole story is the convo I had with my son after a couple of hours with his new friend.
Mommy:  "What are you going to name your little guy?"
Porter:  "Hmm... I name him Porter!"
Mommy:  "You're gonna name him Porter? Why Porter?"
Porter:  "Cause Porter's the best name."
Logan: "What about Logan?"
Porter: "Umm... It's ok but not as good as Porter."

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