WW: Here! Look At This Picture of My Kid!

     Sorry folks. I'm just phoning this one in. It turns out that I'm sick so I'm only doing the bare minimum. My doctor and I are waiting for a rash to break out on my body so that we can secure a Shingles diagnosis. Apparently you can't be sure until a rash breaks out. I gotta tell you this really sucks and I just don't understand because chicken pox was AWESOME. I camped out on the couch for a week with full control over the remote, I ate ice cream and chicken soup and my Mom brought me everything I wanted or needed. It was a great week! Shingles on the other hand hurts like hell and all I want is sleep and QUIET because I'm relatively certain that my head would actually feel better if it just exploded. *sigh* And all of these crazy little people think that I should feed them and take care of THEM! What the F#$% is wrong with these people don't they know I'm sick?!?

On to the phoning it in bit. It's Wednesday, so here's a cute photo of one of my kids. Enjoy.

Sorry. This is all the energy I have. Link up below. I probably won't visit anyone's blogs this week but I'll visit you twice next week, kay? If I'm not covered head to toe in oozing blisters that is.
Peace out!

These are the chicas I hook up with every week. Every. One.
Live and Love...Out Loud Not Just Another Mom of Twins
And now it's your turn.  I don't care if it's Wordless, Word-filled, or Word-ish.

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