Twitter Custody Battle Makes Me Doubt My Self/Site Worth

     I don't know how many of you are following the vs. @noahkravitz lawsuit, but I am personally enraptured! The skinny is, while working for, @noahkravitz (who was @Phonedog_Noah) acquired 17,000 Twitter followers for and after an amicable split from the company, changed his handle to @noahkravitz and took those 17,000 followers with him. (Now whether he had permission to do so is kinda up in the air right now, but for the sake of this post lets not worry about pesky little things like the truth, kay?)
     Now cut to present. is now suing @noahkravitz for those 17,000 followers to the tune of $340,000! ( figures that each follower is worth $2.50 and that @noahkravitz has had possession of the followers for 8 months.) Frankly, I had always wondered about just this kind of scenario and as I continue my quest for world domination via the take over of all social media; this lawsuit makes me wonder just how valuable my own "real estate" is.

     Now I don't work for a company; the only brand I'm schlepping is my own. Hell, the closest thing I have to employees, besides the children whose childhoods I am exploiting for the benefit of everyone reading this blog is my mother who often acts as my sounding board/proof reader and the Hubby whose material I steal on a regular basis who acts as the preliminary spell check.
     So I decided to do some research and apparently selling a blog is pretty easy to do and there are several reputable companies (and more than a few slime ball, assholes) out there, that are more than happy to assist you for an exorbitant fee (anywhere from 7.5% to 22.6% of the selling price). There are even calculators out there that you can plug in your info and get a ballpark figure of what your site is worth. So I did. I tried out several calculators and basically my blog COULD* be worth between $5689 to $21,580. Now those figures do take into consideration my twitter followers (Which reminds me, why aren't you following me?) and my Facebook fan page (Again, would a follow kill ya? I'm trying to build a brand here people!)--both valuable real estate, but I don't know if they were using the prime figure of $2.50 per follower because that could totally add another $250 to the pot! Yeah, I'm a rock star!
     Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that all this money talk is just more funny for the fodder, right? I would never sell out and leave the friends I've made and the blog and persona that I've created, developed and honed. After all I'm The Mommy! This blog isn't just a whimsical tale but the story of my children's growing up. This blog is my journey from one of the darkest periods of my life into the light of self actualization. I've found myself and acceptance here. I've found true friendship here; as true as any I've found in the real world. I can be myself here much easier than in real life. People are less judgemental here in this cosy little world I've developed.  I would never just take the money and run, right? Right?

     WRONG! If someone were to offer me $20K for this "empire" I'd take the money, run and never look back. I'll be the first to admit that I'd miss many of you but I've got THREE kids to put through college AT THE SAME TIME! 20K might get me through a semester, ya feel me? I hope no one takes offense, I mean there are a few of you that I would email** and let you know that I sold as long as the contract didn't forbid it, which I hear they do. Besides I hear the new "Mommy" just takes right over where you left off. No one would even know I'd left. You'd never even know I was gone....

Peace Out!

(As far as you know...)

*Every calculator site I visited made sure to point out that a website is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
**Maybe I need to get some of you my "alternate address" on the off chance that I find a sucker buyer for this blog. Pin It
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