Secret Sisters

     I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that I'm a member of a MOMs Club. I'm not a very active member for a variety of reasons. One, because of my kids' school schedule. It seems that all of the "playdates" occur while my kiddos are in school and I kinda feel weird showing up to a playdate without a kid. And two, because although I seem super confidant on here I'm kinda an introvert with extrovert tendencies once I'm comfortable in a group or situation. Hmm... I guess there were only two reasons. Strange.

     God knows that the current President of the club is trying really hard to get my butt out there and I really appreciate all of her efforts but I'm still kinda licking my wounds from the last mom friend disaster. I'll get there. Soon. Really. (Did that sound believable? I was trying for sincerity.)
     Well apparently my Club has a secret sister program and frankly that sounds like something right up my anti-social alley. My inner hermit is singing! The idea of making little gifts and goodies for someone and then leaving them for her to find, with absolutely ZERO human interaction, has me dancing a little jig of joy.
     So anyway our President sent out a little email to everyone with a questionnaire to fill out; that way you can learn a little something about your potential sister.

Here's mine (my answers are in red):

Name: Becca Xxxxxx 
Address: 000 X. XXXXXX

  1. Children/ages: Myriam-5 Logan and Porter-4
  2. Favorite Type of Food: Anything I can eat before it eats me but really I love ethnic food. But really, FOOD!
  3. Favorite Place to eat out: Blue Koi (DUMPLINGS!)
  4. Favorite Place to shop: I love antique stores (or any place children don't belong)!
  5. Favorite Candy and/or dessert: YES please! Red Velvet Cupcakes are my absolute fav.
  6. Favorite Drink: Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine
  7. Favorite Scent: The smell of clean laundry, especially if I don't have to do it.
  8. Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, things you collect, etc): I'm a mediocre painter. I'm a decent writer and photographer and I collect Canes and milk glass.
  9. Favorite TV show and/or movie(s): Anything fantasy, having to do with vampires, (except Twilight because even I couldn't stomach the cheese) the supernatural or fairy tales. Or anything that stars Ryan Reynolds' shirtless body. (Which is pretty much any movie he's in. Thank God!)
  10. Favorite book or reading material (romance, true story, magazines or just one you would like read): Little Women, Wuthering Heights, The Scarlet Letter--I like my leading men to have hard bodies, soft minds and limited moral fortitude.
  11. Favorite Animal: Turtles--I don't know why.
  12. Favorite Color: Hooker Red, it goes along with my life long obsession with shiny things.
  13. If you had an hour to yourself, how would you spend it? Avoiding any and all responsibility for anyone or anything.
  14. When are you most likely not home?  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mentally never home)
  15. Anything else you would like your Secret Sister to know about you: I have a relatively popular (in Canada) Mommy blog and very little creativity; so that means your antics will appear on the blog. If you're really nice to me I will say nice things and leave your name out of it. Just joking. Kinda. For the most part. Ok, I was completely serious.
If my potential sister is reading this right now, I'm sorry you drew the short straw.
Peace Out!
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