Sick Kid, *sigh* Sick Mommy

  • Dealing with three kids sucks.
  • Dealing with sick kids is the worst.
  • Trying to deal with sick kids while being sick yourself, is impossible.

     This has been my reality since late Sunday (Christmas) evening. *sigh* My mother was first to notice that Porter wasn't feeling like himself. He was whiny(er). He was grouchy(er), even. But I just figured that he was tired, over stimulated, and sugared up--it was Christmas after all. But by 2 AM I was certain that I had a sick little boy on my hands, because it was at that time that he came into my room and puked in my hand. My Super Mama, deductive skills are way keen.
    Monday I spent the day giving cooling baths, force feeding him Tylenol and clearing my throat. By Tuesday Porter was eating and his fever was much lower but Logan woke me up at 6:45 AM complaining that he was cold--sure enough he had a fever too. But as long as I kept them loaded up on Tylenol they ran around like normal but I really needed a nap by 10 AM and finally succeeded in getting one by 2 PM when the entire house crashed for THREE hours.
    By Wednesday morning the kids were cucumber cool, eating normally and basically driving me nuts. Yay! They're better! But all I want to do is crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep. For. Days. By lunch time the crying had resumed, only this time it had taken on a tinny, hollow sound. It probably just sounded that way because I could no longer hear, breathe, or smell. But it had become obvious to me that poor, Porter needed to see a doctor.
     Unfortunately for us the doctor wasn't able to see us until next week, like the middle of next week. "Do we think that would work for us?" So I called in the reserves. The Hubby took off work and got Porter into a walk-in clinic and sure enough EAR INFECTION was the verdict. As for me I'm going to suffer through. The Hubby brought home a little present for me along with Porter's antibiotics; my little green friend that promises to knock-me-on-my-ass-so-that-I-will-sleep-and-then-can-resume-my-childcare-duties-by-morning-medicine. Wish me luck, folks!
*Oh and BTW since I'm dying I won't be weighing in this week. Last week I gained .8 lb. So for those of you keeping score at home       305.6 lbs 

**And no this isn't a ploy to get out of weighing in. I knew that I had gained last week and still weighed in anyway. I'm really sick. Pin It
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