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 I thought it was time to respond to the large quantity of fan mail that I receive on a daily basis and in the process answer some of those pesky questions ya'll seem to have for me. (Click on the screen shot to enlarge the image.)

Stefanie from KS asks;

First off, you need to get the ball rolling with your child's doctor and school district. Inform both of your concerns, even if your child isn't school age yet the district will want to be involved from the beginning. Referrals from both will be invaluable.*

As far as advice goes, know that this process is LONG and arduous. Sleep, eat and carry on as normally as possible. Your child will benefit from the consistency and you won't hurry the process along by neglecting yourself. If you are in a relationship, nurture it. Divorce rates are far higher for families with special needs children. And lastly, find some support either through family, church or a group. Finding a community that supports you will only make you stronger.
Good luck! My prayers go with you.

My Stalker Amanda writes;

Amanda--it's good to know that you are on my side honey. Please don't violate your parole again and please stop calling and driving by my house. I really don't want to turn the hose on you again.

Best of luck on those new meds!

And finally Sarah from NC asks;

Hey Sarah! Well, unfortunately Mongo didn't work out for us. It turned out that he was completely deaf and our household was ill equipped to deal with a special needs dog along with a special needs daughter. So we returned him to the ASPCA who placed him in a more appropriate home. He had lost 10 lbs while he stayed with us and has managed to keep the weight off.

Currently the Mommy Household has three dogs--my grouchy weenie dog, Rufus, Cookie the six month-old boxer and our newest edition; Boo our "Black Bichon". We also have two turtles and an aquarium full of fish. I'm not really sure if that really qualifies as hoarding since all of the dogs are house broken and all of the pets are alive. Except for the fish which are on their last legs upon arriving to our home. It's just one fish funeral after the other around here.

Well, there you go folks, my FAQ. I hope you enjoyed my only partially "created" set of emails. I hope it made you chuckle and maybe answered a few questions. If you do have any real questions please feel free to email me at:
bcIMthemommy {at} yahoo {dot} com

Please don't drop by the house and go all "Stalker Amanda" on me or I will turn the hose on you.
Peace out!
*One of my daughter's Occupational Therapists made a really great point on Facebook that you should also contact Infant and Toddler Services through your county. There are services available for children until age 3 (sometimes 4) and are often free of charge.

And as always (on Thursdays) this post was inspired by Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

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