Writer's Workshop: Friendship Woes

     It seems like recently, all I have been doing of late is looking for friends in all the wrong places apparently. It's an unending chore skill of which, I seem to be extraordinarily bad at. I don't know if I am too picky or just a pariah. Whatever the case may be, I'm sucking hind tit.
      So unfortunately, I recently put all of my eggs in the proverbial friend basket and now I've come up with Jack Tac-O. I mean, I have friends. In fact I have a really great group of girlfriends that I've had for about a decade now. They're wonderful and I know if I ever need them, they'd be here in a heartbeat but they live uptown and sometimes 30 minutes might as well be 4 hours. I also have a wonderful group of online friends that are supportive and "get me". But I may never meet any of you for real. I don't even have anything but an email address for most of you. I want to be able to hear a voice talking back at me, without figuring out time zones and international rates. I really want someone here--as in where I live. Someone that I could call up and say, "Hey, wanna grab a cup of coffee?" I joined a MOMs Club, (which I highly recommend) but our school schedule this year just isn't jiving with the events. So here I am, sitting here wishing that I had a friend to talk to.
     I thought that I had found the ONE. That friend that was going to be with me from here on out. The Louise to my Thelma--minus the whole going off the cliff thing. But it's not working out. Part of it's me; I'm not willing to do the work. I spent a large part of my post collage days chasing friendships with people that weren't as "committed" as I was and now I'm not interested in even doing the minimal. And part of it's her; we are in wildly different places in our lives, with vastly different backgrounds. And the bitchy, catty shit is just too much for me. Is it wrong that I feel like if I have to live your drama with you then I'm not interested? Frankly most of the time I felt like I was just a sounding board to your ambition. I guess I'm sorry that my dreams are more attainable than yours. Or maybe I'm just willing to work harder to make my dreams come true. But a big part of it is faith. I have a belief system in place and hers is well...a little more loosey-goosey.

    She's kinda "new age" and there's nothing wrong with that, (Fact is, I used to be too. You might even be shocked to know that I studied with a coven and have explored and studied nearly every major religion.) but now I've got young children and I think you have to have a firm foundation of faith to raise kids on; not something that changes with our ever-changing political climate. It's not enough for me to say live and let live now; I have to have a plan. No offense.
    I have grown more conservative as I've begun worrying about the state of the world my children are heading out into. I want my children to be accepting of other's belief systems but stand firm in their own. I want children that will guard your religious rights but proclaim theirs to the heavens. I want them to be secure in their faith even while other's question it.
     So I will keep hoping (and praying) that that special Momma friendship I'm looking for is right around the corner, and I will try not to be disappointed while I'm waiting. So if you are at or near Podunk, Kansas and are looking for a half-crazed Momma of twins with an autistic daughter chaser, then email me and maybe I can be the Thelma you've been looking for.

Peace Out!
If you too are a little anti-social, you might consider joining a MOMs Club.
And as always (on Thursdays) this post was inspired by Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.
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