7 Years

     So last Sunday was our wedding anniversary. Don't worry this isn't going to be a mushy sentimental post. Never once will I write about how I "married my best friend." I mean except to mock those that write things like that. Because even if it's true no one wants to read it and somehow saying it, makes it seem less true. Ya know, like they're trying too hard. And I'll be honest, I forgot my wedding anniversary. I usually do. I'm bad with dates and now that I'm PDA-less (Oh, how I miss my Blackberry....) remembering dates has become much, much worse. It's kinda in the same vein of not remembering how old I am.

Photographer: Kevin White
     Anywho, we didn't do the "typical" celebration. There weren't any presents or flowers or even cards (I kinda think cards are dumb anyway.) No wining and dining. No movie. We took a drive to my alma mater, Pittsburg State University and had a late lunch at the Mall Deli. I know I said we didn't dine but lunch cost less than $15 total so.... While we were eating we discussed our marriage, and we discussed our views on divorce. I know that this doesn't really seem to be the most "romantic" topic but keep reading. We discussed how so many people we know have been divorced and remarried (sometimes multiple times). But mostly we discussed what God had to say about OUR marriage.
     I often say that my Hubby is great first husband material. But when pressed I will tell you that I don't believe in divorce. (Now I will tell you that there are exceptions--abuse situations; divorce them! And don't forget to prosecute them while you're at it.) But in my circumstance this is the my one and only marriage. And the reason why is simple.
      I made a promise. And that promise wasn't just to the Hubby, ultimately the promise wasn't even made to the Hubby. It was made to God.  And it wasn't one of those "parking lot promises" that are easily made and just as easily broken. You know, the Oh-God-if-you-let-me-find-a-parking-spot-close-to-the-door-I-will-not-curse-for-the-rest-of-the-day kinds of promises and the moment you blinked you are singing Korn's latest swear word, laden hit. Because there's a reason that marriage is called a covenant and not a suggestion; I promised God, in front of all of my family and friends that I would love, honor and keep this man and cleave only to him until God chooses to separate us.

      Does no one else think that that is a really big deal?

      How many promises do you make in front of basically everyone you know?

      And why is it that people more readily follow the instructions on the back of their shampoo bottle than what God has instructed them to do?

      Marriage is hard. Marriage takes a lot of work just to maintain what you have--it takes an enormous amount of effort to make it better. This is what I learned after seven years of marriage. Guess how much I will have learned after seven more?
      This wasn't your typical anniversary celebration but hearing my Hubby tell me how committed he is to our marriage and our faith might have been the best present I ever received. Happy Anniversary Hubby! Here's to many, many more. I love you!
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