WW {Linky}: MOMs Club Fundraiser

       So I told ya'll that I joined a MOMs Club--I know, I know but I'm trying to become less anti-social. Well last weekend was my town's City Wide garage sale. (Around here City Wide is a big deal.) It's kinda like my idea of Christmas, really. And my MOMs Club had a booth set up and had a bake sale. Our illustrious president needed some help taste-testing beautifying the donated baked goods and if you know me at all I'm so all over taste-testing beautifying baked goods. So I volunteered to help.

There were lots of tasty items for sale.
I should know--I think I tasted everything.

If you wanted to know what I baked for the bake sale check out the
Yum, Yum, Yum section of the blog.

OK so now you know the real reason they got me volunteer.*

Happy Wednesday everyone.
Peace out!
*If you are looking for a little "socialization" in your life you might consider joining a MOMs Club. Nothing like a group of people that completely understands what it's like to be a Mom.

These are the chicas I hook up with every week. Every. One.
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