Scout's Honor!

      Well I've crawled out from under my reclusive rock and joined humanity. I've decided that I must put on a good face and socialize this child of mine. We all know how much I despise other mommies and all of the catty BS that goes along with this feat that I'm attempting, but for the good of my child it must be done!
       So Myriam is now a Daisy Scout.*
       And I am...a cookie mom....

       I don't know how this happened! One minute I'm discussing smocks and the next I'm saying, "Sure. I'll take care of the cookie thing. No problem."
What! The! Hell!
       Who is this woman? How did I go from Leave-Me-Alone to Little-Miss-Joiner in the space of a 60 minute meeting?
      So Tuesday evening I attended "Cookie Training". Yes there is such a thing. And I gotta tell you that frankly... I'm a little scared of these women. One they're a little militant and two they are very sugared up--not a good combo. The head Cookie Nazi kept telling everyone to hold all questions til the end and spoke only in acronyms (that this non-scouting person didn't understand). By the end I was too intimidated by her sizable rack that she kinda used to point with and steely glare to ask any questions. I know I wasn't the only one because these other mommies kept gobbling up the sample cookies like there was no tomorrow. They were just stuffing the hate. Stuffing it way down!
       So now I get to know the joy of a garage full of Girl Scout cookies--during the most stressful time of the year, the holiday season. (Did you know that more suicides occur between Thanksgiving and New Year's than during the rest of the year combined?) And I get to revel in the stress that comes from knowing that if we can't sell all of these cookies I ordered, our poor, little, broke troop is responsible for making up the difference.

Thin Mint, anyone?
Peace out!
*Come to find out, Myriam is a 4th generation Scout! Who knew that she comes from an 80 year scouting tradition? Does she get a badge for that?
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