DON'T yell at my kid!

Yeah it finally happened. Someone riled the bear.

       I made a conscience decision not to parent other people's children, years before I had my own. I do not correct unruly "tykes" when I encounter them, no matter how ill behaved. I'm more of the judge-in-silence-type. The only exception to that rule is if the child is doing something that could cause harm to said child or to one of my children. Otherwise, I have been known to wait until my child copies the unauthorized behavior and then correct my child. Loudly. But if the unruly child isn't doing anything harmful to themselves or others than they can continue to run amuck without any correction/direction coming from me. And I would very much appreciate the same stand-in-judgement consideration from other parents.

       The reasons behind my decision is simple, just because I think your child's behavior is unruly, distracting, uncalled for, or wrong doesn't mean that you feel the same way. The rules that I use to govern my children may not and probably aren't the same as the rules you use. Why should I presume to tell you how to parent YOUR child? I never claimed to be an expert. I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that I don't have a plan or a clue what I am doing.
       All of this exposition is leading up to yesterday. Porter and I took Cookie to the vet. She's fine but was due for her puppy shots. So while I'm getting her checked in Porter asks to go look at the kennel full of fluffy and FREE kittens sitting by the door. I tell him that's fine and as I am updating all of our info with the receptionist I hear the woman who is waiting behind me shriek at my son to "PUT THAT KITTY DOWN!" I turn in horror as I see Porter with his arm in the cage, with his hand wrapped around the throat of a by now bug-eyed kitten, that he is trying to pull though the holes of the wire kennel. (I probably should tell you now that the kitten is fine. The vet assures me his eyes will go back to normal.) He drops the kitten and the woman proceeds to tell yell at him that he was a bad boy for being mean to the kitty. I promptly snatch my kid bald remove my child from the woman and continue to reprimand him. After I have seated Porter out of reach of the kittens and return to the front desk the woman continues on her tirade to me.
       After I politely listen to her speech about how "sensitive" she is to the needs and feelings of animals but before she finishes her assessment of my child's mental state and his need to hurt animals, I thank her for her input and proceed to usher my dog and the "Kitty Strangler" into the exam room.
       Now you might think that this was the end of my tail, (Yeah, I know I used the wrong tail/tale. It's a pun.) but no. Who do I happen to see when I go to pick up my other son from preschool? The Shrieking Cat Lady! And wouldn't you know, that instead of letting me live with my shame in silence she felt the need to further justify her actions. Now it has been pointed out that just maybe she was trying to apologize for making my kid cry, That's my job. and if that was the case all she had to say was sorry but she didn't. She continued on about how it is our responsibility to be the voice of those without a voice and how aggression towards animals is a symptom of a dysfunctional home and so on.
       And that's when I snapped! I'll show her dysfunctional! I explained to her, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn't interested in her opinion or her 6 credit hours of college psychology. (I have nearly 20 of my own.) But before the name calling commenced a mommy friend of mine stepped up to say hi and effectively defused the situation.
        I would like to say that I am very thankful for my friend, she is a far wiser woman than I am and a better mommy to boot.  And I would also like it known that I do not condone violence to animals in any way but it was obvious to everyone, including the vet staff that Porter was in fact trying to get the kitty out of the cage, not hurt it. I also realise and am thankful that the woman stopped a potentially horrible situation from occurring and if the situation were reversed I too would have stopped the child but.... Let it go bitch! Pin It
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