Writer's Workshop--Poetry About Loss....

     I used to consider myself an intellectual; that was of course, PC (Pre-Children for those of you just tuning in). Now I'm lucky if I can rhyme more than one stanza. Here's all I had in me.  Enjoy and I apologize....

I thought it appropriate to start off with an epitaph.

Loss (Acrostic)
Long I've thought of smaller clothes.
Often reminded of styles gone by.
Such is the life of the Mommy.
Stuck forever in mom jeans.

Loss (Haiku)
Speaking of lost things
But not of dream and/or hopes

The last one isn't so much about loss but I thought it was funny....

(Shape Limerick)
There once was a girl who didn't know it
but her ovary was about to blow it.
It kicked into high gear,
while her feet were in th' air,
And she got twins to show for it.

(It's shaped like a star. Get it?)

Peace out!
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