Wordful Wednesday--How to Entertain Children While Shopping

       I never claimed to be a great parent. Well, I'm an even worse Wal-Mart customer and if you and your child(ren) happen to come across me and my brood while shopping you might just want to quickly head the other way. All the while whispering furiously to your perfect children about "those" kind of people. Because I'm not gonna lie, I've been known to feed my 3 children a lunch of "samples" while they were dressed as super heroes.

       He didn't walk into the store with this helmet and he didn't leave with it either. We "touch" toys. We test them to see if we would like them for Christmas or birthdays. Ya know which ever is coming up. They mostly like to "touch" the toys that make a lot of noise. The kind that never makes it under the tree. So if you are following along behind us it looks and sounds a lot like a natural disaster or a war just broke out on aisle five with all of the numerous sirens, flashing lights and shots being fired.

       Mom has been known to get into the act from time to time. So remember if you meet up with us on aisle seven you just might want to pretend like we don't know each other. Yeah...avoid eye contact and just keep on walking!
Yeah, Myriam's look pretty much says it all.
Peace out!
These are the chicas I hook up with every week. Every. One.
And now it's your turn.  I don't care if it's Wordless, Word-filled, or Word-ish.

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