The Difference Between Boys and Girls

       I believe in teaching the children the correct names of things, meaning we don't and never did baby talk. And I believe in teaching them the correct names of all things specifically anatomy. This philosophy does have some serious drawbacks; when my children well, mostly Porter boys are screaming the word PENIS at the tops of their considerable lungs during a playdate at a very crowded park because it happens to be their favorite word you too will wish I had taught them some nonsensical word instead. But for the most part I stand by my decision.

       Please note, the Hubby didn't agree with this particular parenting decision; mostly, because he likes calling his penis things like package, junk and Fred. But I felt strongly that if you teach them the correct words then it's easier to have an open dialog with them, free of embarrassment, later. Honestly, I'm just really tired of dealing with men who curl up into the fetal position the first time a woman utters the word vagina. But mostly it's because I hate the term junk, when referring to anatomy.

(Please note I won this particular battle because I just kept repeating the word vagina over and over again; I then sealed-the-deal when I threatened to tell him about my menstrual cycle.)

       I don't really know if all this "honesty in parenting" thing really had the desired effect I was going for. What seems to have happened is that my kids have developed a heightened sense of awareness to every one's anatomy. For example Friday evening my mother picked up Logan and Myriam for their weekly sleepovers with Nana and Papa; (Every week my folks each take a kid to spend the night with them, the kids are rotated in a predetermined order resulting in the Hubby and I have one evening a week with only ONE child. You parents with one child have no reason to complain! This shit's easy with one kid.) that left Porter and I alone waiting for the Hubby to get home so he could take us out to dinner. We had let Cookie out and we're sitting on the front stoop waiting for her to finish using the facilities, she finishes and comes over for her praise and her cookie when Porter picks her up and quickly sets her back down. He then proceeds to tell her that she needs to do a better job "wipin". When I explain that dogs don't wipe he tells me that her penis was wet and SHE needed to wipe it off like a big boy.
       At this point I reminded Porter that Cookies was a girl and girls don't have penises they have vaginas. You could tell he was really thinking hard about this little piece of information and when he finally wrapped his mind around it he said, "Well if yous hadn't taken Myriam's penis off, then she could be a boy likes me and Ogen!"

I don't even know how to respond to that....
Peace out!
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