Writer's Workshop--Yeah...(sigh) those are my kids....

sim·ple (smpl) adj. Having or manifesting little sense or intelligence.
n. A fool; a simpleton.

       Bill Cosby said that all children are brain damaged and when I first heard his "Parenthood" stand up act I was a teenager who thought he was just making an amusing joke. Now that I have children of my own I realize that he wasn't joking, he was making a factual statement. If you think I'm joking I offer up the following evidence....

 Remember the trip to the mattress store? Well apparently sleeping on the floor under the bed is the only way to sleep. Oh! And they both sleep under Porter's bed. I don't know why.

To answer the obvious questions....
  • No, we didn't just get up.  It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And this picture was taken YESTERDAY when it was 105 degrees.
  • Yes, that's a flannel robe Porter is wearing.
  • Yes, those are snowflakes on Myriam's Christmas monkey jammies. And yes, (sigh) those snowman thermals that Logan is sporting are about four sizes too small--he dug them out of the donation bag...again.

      This one's my favorite.  The children are in the car. Apparently it is de rigueur to wear goggles while riding in the car.  And no (sigh) we not going to the pool.  They wore them the entire time we were grocery shopping. No one dared comment but the looks spoke volumes.

Peace out!
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